• This list provides a brief selection of works by and about Jung. All of them are available in paperback at a broad range of prices, and they can usually be found at (or through), often as bargain used books in good shape:

    Memories, Dreams, Reflections, C. G. Jung, (Aniela Jaffé, ed.)
    A remarkably rich and courageous book of Jung’s autobiographical reflections, containing both theoretical aspects of his work and indications of their historical roots.

    C.G. Jung: Word and Image, C. G. Jung (Aniela Jaffé, ed.)
    A large-format work taken from a centenary celebration of Jung’s life in Basel, Switzerland. It covers his life surprisingly well, and includes many photos, as well as illustrations from the famous Red Book, Jung’s private journal (which is due to be published later this year.)

    Jungian Psychology Unplugged, Daryl Sharp, Inner City Books
    Daryl Sharp is an analyst, writer and owner of Inner City Books in Toronto, one of the leading publishing houses for books by Jungians. His work is clear, personal and accurately depicts Jung’s theories in a very accessible manner.

    Little Course In Dreams – Basic Handbook Of Jungian Dreamwork, Robert Bosnak, Shambhala, 1988
    Bosnak is an analyst in Cambridge, Mass. Many have found this work helpful in developing the ability to remember their dreams with more detail, as well as discovering ways to understand what dreams express.

    Man and His Symbols, C. G. Jung, Dell Publishing, 1968
    Available in paperback, it first appeared as a large-format book that brought Jung’s work to an eager public. Its chapters are written by a number of Jung’s closest colleagues, and cover important aspects of his theories. Jung wrote the first chapter, a straight-forward exposition on dreams.

    Dreams, C. G. Jung, Princeton Univ. Press, 1974
    One of a number of books in which sections from Jung’s Collected Works are collected by subject (dreams, alchemy, nature writings, etc.) Though taken directly from some of the richest of his theoretical works, most people find them clearly written and quite accessible.

    The Earth Has a Soul: The Nature Writings of C.G. Jung, (Meredith Sabini, ed.), North Atlantic Books, 2002
    Another collection of Jung’s writings drawn from the Collected Works and letters. This one relates nature to our psychology, and thus is of great interest to those interested in both the external and internal environments.

    The Portable Jung, C. G. Jung, (Joseph Campbell, ed.), Penguin, 1976
    Another collection of selections from Jung’s writings, this one assembled by a respected expert on mythology and religion.

    The Undiscovered Self, C. G. Jung, Signet, 2006
    An enormously popular book. “A classic, provocative work. Dr. Carl Jung-one of psychiatry’s greatest minds-argues that the future depends on our ability to resist society’s mass movements. Only by understanding our unconscious inner nature – ‘the undiscovered self’ – can we gain the self-knowledge that is antithetical to ideological fanaticism. But this requires facing the duality of the human psyche-the existence of good and evil in us all. In this seminal book, Jung compellingly argues that only then can we cope and resist the dangers posed by those in power.” (Amazon editorial review)

    Modern Man in Search of a Soul, C. G. Jung, Mariner Books, 1955
    Another very popular work, in which Jung focuses on dream analysis, the primitive unconscious, and the relationship between psychology and religion.